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**NEW!** Supercool Books by Supercool Folks

A four-volume series with collected works by Phillip Howze, Hansol Jung, Jorge Ignacio CortiƱas, and Christina Anderson. Wild, language driven, form-breaking work by some of the most thrilling writers in the biz.

Theater Artists Making Theatre With No Theater

During the early stages of the 2020 pandemic, Sheila Callaghan, Meg Miroshnik, and Kelly Miller sent out a call to their peers to consider what "theatre with no theater" might look like. This book is the result.

Bed: A Play with Music in One Act

A witty, raw, racy romance with music. Spanning 10 years in less than 90 minutes, BED "explores issues of love, abandonment and betrayal through the unique and inimitable lens of playwright Sheila Callaghan."

Badass Full-Length Play?

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Book of Essays?

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