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Phillip Howze


RARITIES & WONDERS by Phillip Howze

The collected works included in his book, Rarities & Wonders, represent an array of actions, disclosures, marvels, and meanderings. In a word: plays. We are delighted to share them here, for the first-time, published together in a singular assembly.

“Someone said to me recently: what is a play? And I said to myself, what is a play? Is it a person, a place, a thing? Is it the concept or the text fior the production? Is a play defined by the one who makes it or by the one who sees it? Who is the seer, then? What is a play in the world, to a world of people who don’t know what a play is? Is it written, spoken, read, performed, scored, ideated — is it authored? Are we, too, authored, the authors — us — by the world? “ - Phillip Howze

A; You’re as blind as a bat.

B: You’re as blind as a bat!

A: You are always seeing things that are not there.
You are always NOT seeing things that ARE there.
This is the very definition of: blind as a bat.

B: You are always forgetting where I put things.
You should remember where I put things that way at least one of us knows

A:I know things.I remember things.
You worry too much.
I remember where I put my keys this morning.
I remember who won the World Series.
I remember the name of our current President.
I remember to look both ways before crossing the street.
I remember how much it cost to ride the subway.

            —from 462 Halsey



Phillip Howze is a writer and theater maker whose works include Self Portraits (BRIC-Arts Media) and Frontieres Sans Frontieres (Bushwick Starr). His plays have been developed or produced at Bay Area Playwrights Festival, Clubbed Thumb, Cutting Ball, New York Theater Workshop, PRELUDE Festival, Public Theater/NYSF, San Francisco Playhouse, Signature Theatre, Theater Masters, and Yale Cabaret. A graduate of Yale School of Drama, he is a Fellow of the Sundance Theater Lab, a Lucas Artist Fellow at Montalvo Arts Center, a 2021 Jerome Hill Artist Fellow, a MAP Fund grantee, and a Resident Writer at Lincoln Center Theater/LCT3. His commissions include the American Repertory Theater, the Manhattan Theatre Club/Sloan, and Lincoln Center Theater/LCT3. He was recently appointed the inaugural Associate Senior Lecturer in Playwriting at Harvard University’s Theater, Dance & Media program.